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The ranch does not receive any state or federal funds. The annual budget is about $300,000. This amounts to approximately $19,000 monthly to cover operating expenses. Funding is obtained through Rancher tuition, which are $2,750 monthly, along with donations and proceeds from fundraisers. (Some scholarships are available to be applied against the total tuition cost).

Of this $2,750, the Rancher receives $40 monthly for personal spending, $85 for food, and the balance goes towards the operation of the ranch.

Approximately $9,000 comes from private donations and monthly sponsors.

We are in need of more monthly sponsors, people just like you who have prayerfully considered how you can help us continue to provide loving and supportive homes for these special people.

All donations, whether monetary or donated items, are tax deductible.

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Endowment Fund

The Triangle Cross Ranch Endowment Fund was established to encourage members and supporters to make legacy gifts to the Triangle Cross Ranch and to create a table and growing source of revenue for it's mission and ministries.  Donors can make contributions to the Endowment Fund by a variety of methods.  Gifts of all sizes and in many forms are welcome.Giving to Your Endowment Fund at the Lutheran Community Foundation

Click here for our Endowment Fund brochure.


Volunteers welcome!Every activity at the Ranch is in need of people who have caught the vision and are willing to give a few hours to help us realize the dream that God has put in our hearts. You have gifts and talents that are God-given that can be used to help others.

Much of our support comes through our many and highly valuable volunteers.  From spending one-on-one time with Ranchers to building fences, we have needs that our staff cannot always address.  Our volunteers have come to our aid at every turn and continue to undergird our mission and vision.

Every person has unique gifts and abilities that God has given them.  Some of these gifts and abilities are in place for the sole purpose of blessing others.  At Triangle Cross Ranch, we want to help you find these gifts and put them to work in a safe environment.

Every volunteer must fill out the volunteer application and undergo a simple screening process.  All volunteers who desire to have direct contact with the Ranchers must submit to a criminal background check, drug testing and have a TB test on file that has been done within three years.  We also ask that all volunteer who work with Ranchers complete some simple training to help them understand the Ranch, cognitive disabilities and the needs of such adults.

Please consider coming out to visit us to see where you might fit or contact us for more information on volunteering at the ranch.

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By shopping at Mountain Avenue, using the links on this page, you will be supporting Triangle Cross Ranch.  Mountain Avenue will donate 5% of the retail price of every item you purchase.

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